• Horizontal Drilling ServiceAstec Underground DD3238
    working on site
  • Direction Drilling ServiceMeter Reamer
    on its way in at Moura, QLD
  • Horizontal Drilling Service Trucks
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  • Direction Drilling Service Vermeer D100x120
    at Eagleby Junction
  • Horizontal Drilling Service Current Work
    Installing electricity conduits
  • Direction Drilling Service The recycler
    put to work at Eagleby Junction
  • Horizontal Drilling Service Vermeer D100x120
    pulling in a gas line at Moura, Qld
  • Direction Drilling Service The Crew
    on site at Moura, Qld
  • Horizontal Drilling ServiceAstec Underground DD3238
    working on site


HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling) is a cost effective and environmentally friendly way of installing services. The technique has extensive use in urban areas for developing subsurface utilities as it helps in avoiding extensive open cut trenches.

The process starts with a receiving hole and entrance pits. These pits will allow the drilling fluid to be collected and reclaimed to keep the cost down and prevent excessive water waste.

The first stage drills a pilot hole on the designed path and the second stage enlarges the hole by passing a larger cutting tool known as a back reamer. The third stage places the chosen sized pipe in the enlarged hole by way of the drill steel and is pulled behind the reamer to allow centering of the pipe in the newly reamed path.

This makes a HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling) perfect for water crossings, roadways, congested areas, environmentally sensitive areas and helps to provide less traffic disruption, lower costs, deeper and longer installation and environmental safety.
List of our Services
  • Power cable conduits

  • Water lines

  • Gas lines

  • Oil lines

  • Telecommunications

  • Pipe Bursting – A Trenchless method of replacing     buried pipelines.

  • Pipe Ramming – A Trenchless method for the     installation of steel pipes and casings.